What's In It For Me?

There are a lot of things we do to help minimize the inherent risks in real estate investing that other companies would never dream of doing like rent guarantees and home warranties. 

In addition we do the exact opposite of most companies when it comes to our sales price.  Most companies strip out things like taxes, insurance, appraisals, closing costs etc...to make their sales price as low as possible.  We prefer to include an estimate of every cost we can think of to help you evaluate our deals on the TRUE cost of ownership.    

If your comparing our opportunity with others be sure you're sure you are comparing apples to apples or in this case house to house.

Rent Guarantee - One year home warranty - Massive equity one day one - Positive monthly cash flow - Free tenant placement - One year of free property management - You work directly with the owner - Complete photo & video tour - Support & satisfaction - What's included in the sales price?

    • Rent Guarantee:  Our rent guarantee is unmatched in the industry.  We guarantee that your home will be rented by the time your first refinance mortgage payment is due or we will pay your mortgages until your home is rented.  A lot of people ask how can we do this?  Won't this drive us out of business?  The short answer is no.  The long answer is before we had the rent guarantee we would spend a lot of time talking to other investors about how strong the Detroit rental market is and has been for decades.  We would talk about the thousands of renters always looking for good quality homes in the right areas and that our average rental time is 4 weeks...sometimes shorter sometimes longer.  Then it dawned on us, why not cut a 30 minute conversation down to 10 seconds.  The Detroit rental market is so strong and stable we guarantee your home will be rented before your first refi mortgage payment is due or we will pay your mortgage payments until you home is rented.  Done/Period/End of that conversation.  Now we spend more time explaining why and how we can do this but that is a great conversation to have.    TOP

    • One year home warranty:  A lot of investors, especially those located out-of-state have well founded fears about the condition of the mechanicals and inner workings of their home like the electrical, plumbing and heating systems as well as the hot water heater.  Kind of like our rent guarantee we can tell you how great a job we do for you and take photos and videos.  We can even tell you how we will be here for purchase support like you can't imaging...and while we will tell you all of that and it is true....we back our words up with a One year home warranty.  We have partnered with one of the countries premiere home warranty companies Land America to offer each of our clients peace of mind.  Be sure to check out their website for more information about their home warranty product.    TOP

    • Massive equity on day one:  Our process allows you to purchase a home with $0 down, use other people's money to buy the house and then refinance the home into a traditional mortgage at 75% LTV and in some cases lower.  This allows for massive equity on day one, in most cases $20,000 and up!  Massive equity allows provides two key factors for most investors:  Equity (and potential profit) acceleration and deprecation protection.  Equity (and potential profit) acceleration occurs as the value of your home rises, which over time it always does.  Imagine your home is worth $100,000 and you have a mortgage for 75% or $75,000...remember, our process allows you to have $25,000 in equity on-day-one.  Ten years from now lets say your home is worth $125,000.  The home value appreciated 25% but your equity position increased by 67%.  Deprecation protection helps protect you from a falling market.  Using the same example lets say in ten years your home is worth $80,000, the market dropped by 20%.  If you purchased your home for $100,000 you would be upside down in your mortgage (as an aside as long as your cash flow positive you still bought a GREAT investment).  However because you have 25% equity on-day-one you are protected from a 25% drop in mortgage values.  Last but not least lets assume in ten years the market is stable...your home is still worth $100,000.  The great news is you still have a $25,000 equity position in a stable market!    TOP

    • Positive monthly cash flow:  Going out to your mailbox or looking at your bank account online is always better when you have checks arriving or deposits being made.  All of our homes can produce positive monthly cash flow and this is just one of the many key factors to successful real estate investment.    TOP

    • Free tenant placement:  Don't you hate it when you see a good deal, take advantage of it and then get nicked and dimed to death?  We sure do.  Thats why we include things in our sales price that others wouldn't dream of...including free tenant placement.  Our team of professional property managers will advertise your property in the local papers, online and on our very own premiere rental site BestDetroitRentals.com, handle all the incoming calls, set up and complete the showings and find you a tenant that you approve of.  One we have your approval we will handle all the paperwork, the move-in and the first month rent and security deposits.    TOP

    • One year of FREE property management:  Continuing our efforts to have an all inclusive sales price and provide outstanding post sale customer service we provide one year of free property management by our professional property manager partners.  Their expertise will save local investors unnecessary trips out to the house and will make Detroit see not so far away for our out-of-state clients.  In addition we have worked out an extremely low flat fee for any additional years you might desire property management.    TOP

    • You work directly with the owner and never a project manager or an assistant:  Ever work with someone who provides GREAT customer service, answered your calls and emails promptly and always took the time to make sure your questions were answered so you could explain it to someone else?  If you haven't, your not alone, if you have don't you hate it when after you agree to buy that person goes away and your handed over to a project manager, assistant or worse yet handed a bunch of names and numbers to contact.  When you call and talk to us, the owners of the company, not only will we provide you with great customer service, answer your calls and emails promptly and always take the time to make sure your questions are answered - we will never hand you off to an assistant or project manager.  Bottom line is we provide absolute professionalism and a true interest in YOUR real estate investment success.    TOP

    • Complete photo & video tour:  For local and out-of-state investors it is imperative, in our opinion to have a record of what your home looks like when you bought it and after any major repairs have been completed.  For out-of-state investors this becomes more important as you may never actually see your home.  Do not settle for a photo cropped in tight on the front of the house, the back and one or two of the interior.  We take 40-60 photos of each and every home before and after rehab.  We take pictures up, down and across the street so you can see what the block looks like.  We take a high definition video camera to most of our homes and do a video tour walk through as well as stand in the middle of the street and do a 360 pan so you can see EVERYTHING.  We use a wide angle lens on both still and video so you have the best possible view.  We only buy what we consider to be the best homes on the best blocks and we provide the best renovation results possible....we have nothing to hide and are proud to show off our work and your investment!    TOP

    • Support & Satisfaction:  When evaluating investments in one city versus another, many times the opportunities may start to blur. We are able to quickly clear things up with our after sale support. We value relationships; which is why we include so many freebies in our sales, make ourselves available to resolve issues, and follow through with results. It’s clear that Detroit can bring you more equity and cash, but we also provide free property management, tenant placement, and the best renovation results available. What we bring that may be less clear up front is the talent to make Detroit seem not so far away. We provide complete photo and video logs of your investment, absolute professionalism, and a true interest in YOUR success. 

      How do we know this is true? Customer feedback. We have instance after instance of clients that speak about our willingness to listen and solve problems. It makes us proud of our work when we hear clients tell of their investments in both Detroit and other cities, and identify that they will only choose Detroit in the future, largely because of the partnership mentality that we bring.

      Let us bring Detroit’s WIN-WIN investments to your portfolio.    TOP

The real sales price VS  playing games with the sales price.  Having looked at hundreds of opportunities across the country we can tell you that very few people are honest about the true cost of the real estate investment or cash flow.  The leave out the post-sale tax bump and insurance and use a ridiculously low interest rate to make the cash flow look stellar.  They leave out the tax and insurance escrows (impounds), hard money points and interest (the real cost of using other people's money), purchase side closing costs, appraisals and on and on and on.

When your comparing our opportunities with others be sure you're clear on the TRUE cost & cash flow projections to avoid being suckered in by low prices and high cash flow numbers that will only change in the end.

All our our opportunities sales prices include estimates for:

Hard money points & interest - Post-sale tax bum estimate - Realistic interest rate estimates - All purchase closing costs - Taxes paid forward 1 full year (escrow/impound account) - $700 of Homeowners insurance - Tax proration's for current year - One pre-sale appraisal - One pre-refinance appraisal - Discounts for cash buyers - Other items included with each property

    • Hard money points & Interest:  If you want to use other people's money but are not sure how to do that we can't help.  We partner with the best hard money lenders in the country and they are ready to help you achieve real estate investment success.  All of our sales prices include the costs necessary for obtaining a hard money loan for the purchase of your property.  You have read about buying a house without using any of your own cash we can show you how to do it.  Our partners fit seamlessly into our process so your approval can be as easy as 1-2-3.   If you are a cash buyer the LTV can be lowered as these fee's will not be necessary for you.    TOP

    • Post-sale tax bump estimate for more accurate positive cash flow projections:  In most sates when there is a transfer of ownership of real estate that triggers the county or state to adjust the taxes and Michigan is no different.  What is different is that our cash flow projections are based on the post sale tax bump.  After looking at hundreds of opportunities across the US we have yet to find anyone who includes this.  Yes, we would love to show a higher positive cash flow projection but we prefer to be honest, upfront and direct about the true cash flow projections.    TOP  

    • Realistic interest rate estimates:  Our flyers and cash flow projections are based off of realistic interest rates.  A popular tool used by some companies to show a higher monthly cash flow is to use unrealistic interest rates or interest rates reserved only for primary homes VS investment homes.  This is a game we do not play.  While the actual interest rate you will get is based off your individual situation (credit score, income, strength as a buyer etc..) we use slightly higher then average rates in our flyers.  We prefer to under promise and over deliver wherever possible.    TOP

    • All purchase closing costs.  Our more detailed flyers include refi closing costs.  When you purchase the property, weather with your own cash or using other peoples money or hard money there are associated costs.  Included in our sales price is an estimate of what those costs will be.  In addition or more detailed flyers have a line item for the refinance costs.  Closing costs are going to be there no matter if we include them or not but we prefer to show you the true cost of the home upfront as much as possible.    TOP 

    • Taxes paid forward 1 full year (escrow/impound account):  Some investors love to escrow/impound their taxes and insurance and some hate it.  If you prefer to do this we include an estimate on what it will cost to "build up" your escrow/impound account.  This figure will vary on the day of the year you close so this could range from a few dollars to a more significant cost...either way rest assured a solid estimate is included in our sales price so you won't have to be "shocked" and bring thousands to the table when you close or try and raise your LTV to cover.  If you prefer to pay your own taxes and insurance then your LTV can be lowered because these costs are built into the project.    TOP 

    • $700 of Homeowners insurance:  All lenders require 1 year of insurance to be paid for upfront...the question is if you want to pay for it out of pocket or if you want us to pay for it for you...yeah, thats what we thought.  Most companies will never include items like this because it makes the sales price climb higher but as we have said many times you have to pay for it one way or another - we prefer to be honest, upfront and direct about it.    TOP

    • Tax proration's for current year:  Anytime you purchase real estate the taxes for the current year are divided up between the buyer and seller.  Depending on the time of year this could be a significant number which is why we include in all of our sales prices an estimate of what the tax proration's will be.  No matter if we include it or not it is a cost that will be incurred so including it is the right thing to do.    TOP

    • One pre-sale appraisal: If your using other peoples money or a hard money lender they will generally require a pre-sale or subject-too appraisal.  These are appraisals that are generally done before the renovations and the value they list is "subject-too" the renovations being completed.  These can cost $250-$500 and we include the cost in our sales price so you don't have to come out of pocket.    TOP

    • One pre-refi appraisal:  Every lender requires an appraisal confirming the value of the property and these can cost between $250-$500.  Once again we add in the cost of one pre-refinance appraisal because it will be a cost to you in the end - by including it in the sales price we prevent you from having to pay for it out of pocket.    TOP

    • Discounts for cash buyers:  Some of the costs listed above only apply to those using financing to purchase or hold the homes long term.  If you're a cash buyer all of unnecessary cost will be backed out providing a nice discount.     TOP

TAKE ACTION NOW.  Contact us to get started or to get answers to your questions. We can be reached by phone at 248-601-1187.  Email us at realestate@tradewindsgroup.com