Our Homes Come With...

Our Sales Prices Include:

  • Hard Money Points & Interest
  • All Purchase Closing Costs
  • Post-sale tax bump estimates
  • Realistic interest rate estimate
  • Taxes Paid Forward 1 Full Year
  • $700 of Homeowner Insurance
  • Tax prorations For Current Year
  • 1 Pre-sale Appraisal
  • 1 Pre-refi Appraisal
  • Discounts For Cash Buyers

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Your Success Partners
 Tradewinds Development Group & The Real Estate Life

The Process

Turnkey.  A lot of companies use that phrase but what does it really mean?.  To us, turnkey means helping our clients add  their first or an additional positive cash flow asset to their portfolio with as little time, work and out of pocket expense as possible while at the same time receiving exceptional customer service and support from the entire team.  Our process meets and exceeds most investors expectations. 

The short version of our process:  You pick a house and let us do all the work...it can be that easy and efficient.  We:

    • Find the best homes in the best areas that allows for maximum long term success potential with positive monthly cash flow, massive equity and tenant appeal.  Instead of looking at 100 homes in person, putting offers in on 10 and getting one why not just stay at home, look over our available properties and select the one you want.  Now thats easy.
    • Manage the renovation process with licensed and insured crews.  Pick up a book, watch a TV show or attend a seminar on real estate investing and your sure to hear horror story after horror story about renovations.  Let our (and now your) team handle the renovations for you quickly and efficiently.  Let us worry about paying and managing them while you sit back and watch the after video's.
    • Introduce you to the best mortgage bankers, loan officers and hard money lenders and facilitate the approval and loan process.  We are not loan officers or mortgage brokers ourselves but we do know some of the best and most accomplished in the industry.  There is a huge difference between a loan officer who "says" they can get loans done VS those who actually can...especially in today's market.  Simply put - our partners deliver results consistently at or below market rates.
    • Do all the necessary work to find tenants YOU approve of.  Placing ads in the newspapers and online, fielding the phone calls, checking on the property, setting up showings, going to showings, having applications filed out, check the information on the application, making the decision on which few to look further into...there is no doubt that finding good quality tenants is a very time consuming process.  The good news is we have the best property managers in Detroit on our team on to handle all aspects of tenant locating and placement so you don't have to.  Instead of doing all that work imagine going to your computer one morning and finding a 10 page .pdf with all the prospects info in it so you can decide if that is the tenant for you.  It really can be, and is, this simple and our tenant placement service is included with each and every home.
    • Facilitate the tenant move-in and all the necessary paperwork, documentation and financial requirements.  Leases, move-in checklist, security deposit, first month rent, keys, gas/electric/water transfer and on and on and on.  All the little details of moving a new tenant into your home is handled buy our professional property manager partners and it is amazing how close to home Detroit can seem when you have the right management team in place.


Yes, that sounds like we do it all, but you do have an important role.  First and foremost you HAVE TO TAKE ACTION.  Even if your not sure or have questions, the only way to move past the indecision stage is to pick up the phone and call us or send us an email.  Even if you decide not to purchase a home we are happy to chat with you and answer any and all your questions. 

Once you decide to move forward you have to be able to qualify for the loan (unless your a cash buyer).  That means you need to be employed, have good credit and of course be ready to add your first or an additional positive cash flow asset to your portfolio.

TAKE ACTION NOW.  Contact us to get started or to get answers to your questions. We can be reached by phone at 248-601-1187.  Email us at realestate@tradewindsgroup.com